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 Pet System

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«Αlpha and Ωmega»
«Αlpha and Ωmega»
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PostSubject: Pet System   Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:22 pm

Every member now can have its own virtual pet here on our forums if met certain conditions.

How do i get a pet?
To get a pet you can:
-buy one from Pet Store located in Jewel Shop forum
-earn one by participating in FTF Events

Pet stats?
Yes when you finally get your pet it will have following stats: Name - the given name of your liking, Species - indicating what species is your pet and Power*
Power will grow as you feed your pet with special treats. You can buy them in Pet Store located in Jewel Shop forum.

Can I rename my pet?
Yes, with a small fee of 500 Jewels.

Can I have more than just one pet?
For now it is not possible to own more than one pet. If you don't want it anymore you can gift it to someone or contact staff member to remove it. Once removed it can not be brought back.

Are pets ranked?
Yes. Lower ranked wizards can start with several common pets, but that isn't the rule cause they might get extremely rare pet via gift or winning one by participating in our events.
Pet ranking:
Common[Everyone can afford them], UnCommon[Not likely seen with every wizard], Rare[Pets that are believed to be extinct], ExtremelyRare[Pets available only to VIP or Event Pets]
Pet System
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